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<Monitoring and Results Measurement
An interactive tool to design and manage monitoring and results measurement plans.

Monitoring and Results Measurement (MRM) is fundamental to good program management. It provides vital information that programs need to make good decisions in order to maximize impact over the life of a project. It helps prove that your interventions work and generate the change you are aiming for, and improve the way you work bringing learning back in to action.

This tool helps meet the growing demands to estimate and attribute change to your social programmes with a reasonable degree of rigour, allowing you to report more credibly on your achievements. It will also help build successful monitoring frameworks that allow you to learn and adapt based on the data you are collecting. The tool is based on the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) Standard, which is increasingly recognised as best practice in results measurement.

Our solution was to work with the DCED Standard experts and user to determine how the framework could be enhanced by an online application. We prototyped a web aplication and database to check that a digital version of the process and draft templates would be flexible but rigourous enough to cater for the wide range of projects. We then developed and launched the full application which offers common templates, grids and graphical interfaces to design and manage an MRM plan.

Each data management page interlinks with the others to cross-reference the design and data. Export functions allow the graphics, tables and data to be exported to other applications.

The plan can be shared with other invited people to keep them informed of the current status or to allow them to comment on the design.

The tool is now open for free trials and subscription payment options allowing interested users to get started straight away.

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