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Online, interactive and interconnected business planning tools.

The support for new and small business is very sketchy at best. If you Google "business plan template", you get over 50 million results. Some are paid-for, some backed by Government or charity, but all consist of a range of blank documents with descriptions of what to enter into each box. There is very little joined-up thinking like you might get from a mentor.

We have supported countless small businesses in their strategy and business planning thinking and realised that the best way to provide good, interlinked thinking was to build an interactive online resource. The Discovery platform is a series of the common business planning tools which work together to build a single coherent business plan document.

Intuitive, bite-sized modules allow you to concentrate on the detail and let us manage the big picture. Information entered in one tool is cascaded to other tools to keep your plans consistent. Discovery Platform tools will help you build a picture of your best customers and focus your marketing on the correct demographic. Truly understand your strengths, weaknesses, the potential partners you need in your corner for better success, your finances, competitors, risks, and opportunities. Define the big steps you need to take for success.

Work through the tools, track progress and see the way your information links to form a joined-up business proposition. As you complete a tool, the next tool becomes available and uses the information you entered previously to eliminate any repeated data input. The resulting financial, marketing and business plans automatically summarise and draw charts to visualise your information clearly.

Currently, there are 20 planning, analysis and diagnostic tools. Each one can be shared with a mentor or colleague to support the thinking.
Some are free while others require a subscription.

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