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An online system to collect, analyse and manage data to prove and improve projects.

Many small, social projects use tools to collect evidence that they are generating the impact their projects are designed for. This evidence is required by donors and funders as proof that the interventions work as planned and deliver the long term impacts.

Most of these organisations use paper forms to collect survey or attendance data. Others use common desktop applications such as Excel to enter the data digitally and use basic formulae to extract meaning. The initial designs are simple, but when the volume of data collected over time accumulates, the simple systems break down and become cumbersome and time-consuming to operate.

Our solution was to work with a range of different organisations to analyse their real requirements for data capture, storage and then to generate the required reports or charts. The goProve solution is an online system which caters for very large and complex data sets, but makes it simple for the users to use and manage. Using a relational database, the stored data can be analysed for trends, filtered by custom fields and exported to other applications as required. The system allows multiple users with different access permissions to cater for the common roles of data collection, data management, reporting, and even provides live, graphical dashboards for donors.

As all projects are different, we provided a flexible administrator framework allowing almost any requirement to be configured to suit the project needs. A simple cost structure alows the projects to only pay for the time and functions they actually need. An orientation and on-boarding service gets new clients up and running very quickly.

The application is used by a wide variety of social organisations of different sizes across the world and is available in a range of languages to suit the users.

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