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A suite of tools and templates to support coaching, mentoring and personal development.

Based on our graphic map style of working with clients, we developed a series of graphical tools to support the delivery of coaching and mentoring programmes. Using the tools, a consistent approach to personal development can be used across an organisation without the high costs of personal coaching. Now the benefits of coaching can be extended beyond the senior management team and cascaded throughout the organisation with clarity, care and consistency. By embedding the same approach throughout the organisation, everyone will speak the same language, communication barriers will come down, and a group understanding of the organisational goals will become clearer

Our Personal Aspiration map can be accessed for free using the interactive online tool. Sign up for an account and start plotting where you want to be immediately.

The Personal Ambition Workbook. A graphical workbook which leads you through the nine aspects of you, your world and your barriers. The questions are carefully designed to make you think, while the maps provide a visual template to record your answers. Available via Amazon.

Discovery Maps for Business. A series of physical maps, each representing a different aspect of the business. The maps are used to design, define and decide on a business strategy and plans. By following the simple instructions, players work as a team or on their own to refine their initial ideas, run scenarios and assess the challenges.

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