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A tool for holiday rental owners to provide their guests with local information on a web-app.

An online app designer for the rental owner to describe their property and local recommendations. Many rental owners have created a hard-copy welcome book which is left on the coffee table in the property as a reference to the local amenities. It can be difficult to keep this up to date when attractions close or change.

All rental properties have different fittngs and equipment, and the owner or manager is constantly asked how things work such as the heating controls or what to do with the rubbish. Many owners have added a range of frequently-asked-questions to their web site but find that guests rarely read them - and still ask questions.

Our solution was to work with the property owner to determine what information their guests need and the best ways to present it to them consistently. We prototyped a web-app to check that a digital version of their welcome book would do the job and then developed the guest web-app and owners designer dashboard. The designer application allows multiple properties to be managed together, and the information can be accessed via the web-app, embedded in the property website and printed to create a hard-copy welcome book as before. With all the information managed in one place, all delivery channels contain the same content.

The guest is sent a unique web address which downloads all of the information to their device. The web-app works offline also so the information is available when they are in remote areas or have poor internet connections.

Sharing functions allow the guest to share their itinerary or wish list with their friends. Feedback functions allow the guest to communicate with the owner if they have a suggestion or comment.

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