Chris Wood Associates
<What we do

We do innovation.

Wikipedia describes innovation as "the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs.".

Anyone can have ideas, but few apply them and make them a reality.

Our work has included:
strategic visioning
business planning
creative workshops
technology innovation
rapid prototyping
vision videos
project design and build
business consultancy
bespoke training

Our work has covered a wide range of strategy and planning engagements with large and small clients. Each engagement is different, but we do employ visual metaphors where possible to help cement the learning and decisions.

We have worked with teams as small as one and as large as 250. We take a very client focused approach to our work. This means listening carefully and responding to the needs of each organisation that we engage with. We have experience of working in all kinds of organisations across all sectors in many different cultures and have not yet encountered a situation where we cannot add significant value through innovative thinking and doing.

In many circumstances, our ideas have kick started a chain reaction which has resulted in large scale change for the organisation or for society.

Let us know how can help kick start your chain reaction...

<How we work

Across our varied engagements, we have worked with clients as a Consultant, Partner, Mentor, Director, Co-founder, and Employee in order to best meet the client's needs.

Our experience includes corporate and business consultancy, personal development, small business support, web development, artificial intelligence and engineering.

We have worked with large and small businesses, academia and non-profit organisations, across many cultures and in many different countries.


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